Ironman | GEN2 I-19A

Gen 2 I-19A All-Position

The Ironman Gen 2 I-19A is a durable all-position tire crafted to seamlessly go from the highway to rugged high-scrub environments to stop-and-go local routes reducing downtime and ensuring on-time commitments. The calculated pattern design and next-gen tread compound reduce heat build-up, providing an ideal balance of improved fuel efficiency and an impressive 15% longer treadwear compared to its predecessor.

Features & Benefits

  • Scrub resistance achieved through upgraded compounds and solid shoulder ribs evenly distributing vehicle weight for longer tire life.
  • Wavy outer grooves maximize tear resistance while stone ejector platforms protect the belts from stone drilling.
  • Enhanced siping channels water from the tread for enhanced wet handling and braking and protects grooves from onset of irregular wear.
  • Curb guard helps protect the sidewall from impacts and damage.
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Ironman GEN2 I-19A All-Position
Ironman GEN2 I-19A All-Position
Ironman GEN2 I-19A All-Position
Ironman GEN2 I-19A All-Position
Ironman GEN2 I-19A All-Position

Peace of Mind Warranty Coverage*

GEN2 I-19A 72 month

Backed by a 72-month Limited Protection Policy covering defects in workmanship and materials.

GEN2 I-19A Ironman Casing Allowance - 2

Tires carry a casing allowance for 2 retreads

GEN2 I-19A Workmanship & Materials

If this tire becomes unserviceable due to a flaw in workmanship or materials, we will replace it at no charge during the first 50% of tread life.

*Valid in the US and Canada only. See the Ironman Limited Protection Policy for complete details and exclusions.

Sizes & Specifications

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