Ironman | I-181

I-181 Regional | All-Position

Features & Benefits

  • All-position rib tire.
  • Five-rib design delivers long mileage and shoulder wear resistance on steer axle use.
  • Excellent directional stability that alleviates abnormal wear.
  • Microsipes fight onset of irregular wear and provide better mileage.
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Ironman I-181 Regional | All-Position
Ironman I-181 Regional | All-Position

Peace of Mind Warranty Coverage*

I-181 Ironman 60 month

Backed by a 60-month Limited Protection Policy covering defects in workmanship and materials.

I-181 Ironman Casing Allowance - 1

Tires carry a casing allowance for 1 retread

*Valid in the US and Canada only. See the Ironman Limited Protection Policy for complete details and exclusions.

Sizes & Specifications

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